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Executive Coaching for
World-Changing Leaders

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World Changer

There's a lot at stake, and it's happening on your watch.

You've said a big "yes" to helping solve and transform the critical issues of our day. Thank you for that. And, it's a lot to hold, whether you're a start-up founder, seasoned corporate executive, or rising leader bursting at the seams with innovative ideas. Transforming culture, leading teams, collaborating in new ways, and up-leveling business processes and practices that support the healing of our planet while meeting aggressive revenue targets isn't easy.  Then there's the matter of your own vitality, fulfillment, relationships, sense of purpose, semblance of balance, creative expression, and the rest of what creates a great life for you, too. We're here to support your navigation through it all. 

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New Atlas Coaching amplifies the impact of
climate, sustainability, and world-changing leaders.

We'll begin with...


This is about integrity. It's about your purpose, your deepest core values, your vision. What are they? Where are your actions and behaviors in or out of alignment?  We'll discern your answers to the questions above and develop practices so you lead and live from your most powerful, vitality-creating anchors. 

Are you showing up in ways that energize and enliven your colleagues?What saps your mojo? What fuels you? What has people want to listen to you? Do they, enough?  We'll partner to wake you up to your impact, discover new ways for you to generate energy from the inside out, and transform what drains you, 

no matter the circumstances.


Creating full-on ownership for your inner ecosystem amplifies your  impact on the ecosystems outside of you. And, no one can do that for you. Where are you getting in your own way, pointing fingers for what's not happening? What is happening that you can build off of? We’ll find out together, and you'll get into new, empowered, effective action.


About Your Coach

Hello! I'm Laura Neff...

I've been coaching executives, leaders, and up-and-coming leaders since 2006. I've founded six businesses, raced up the ladder in Corporate America, and have coached and consulted to Fortune 50 CEOs, C-suite executives, non-profit leaders and small business founders. (I also spent a year touring the US and parts of Canada in a converted school bus, but that's a story for another time.) 


The multi-faceted and intersecting issues of our time are calling all of us, urgently, into leadership and work that sustains life and our planet. And that's exactly why I started New do my part by supporting courageous, determined, world-changing leaders--maybe like you?--who know they're being asked to fire on all cylinders at work and feel the deep need to tend their own fulfillment, vitality, clarity and wellbeing. 

What People Say

Laura supported and held me accountable to be the leader I want to be: one who is centered, grounded, confident, and who takes action from there.


She challenged me to see different ways I could interpret and respond to people and situations. With her guidance, I discovered how I wanted to show up as a person and as a leader, and how those two work comfortably together.  

VP, Human Resources
Global Fortune 500 Company

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Ready to grow?

Schedule a complimentary Exploratory Conversation to discover how New Atlas Coaching might support your leadership and fulfillment.

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