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I'm Laura Neff.

I've been coaching executives, leaders, and up-and-coming leaders since 2006. I've toured the US (and parts of Canada) in a converted school bus, and I've coached and consulted to Fortune 50 CEOs and C-suite executives. I'm the daughter and granddaughter of farmers, strong farmer's wives, and entrepreneurs, and now, I'm focusing on supporting the leaders who can transform how life on this planet we have a thriving planet for many generations to come. Read on for more!

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My Story

I grew up in the 70s and 80s on a small farm in western New York state, trailing behind my dad through vibrant fields, bursting gardens, and endlessly entertaining barns. I watched as he carefully cultivated and cared for the land and animals we stewarded. He taught me the complexities of the earth, the necessity of staying connected to the natural rhythms of life, the constellations in the sky, and my deepest taproots of leadership: presence, integrity, responsibility, vitality, and curiosity.   

Since those halcyon days, I have:

  • Led communications and people-centric initiatives in Corporate America;

  • Restored my soul through travel (per that converted school bus comment above, plus volunteering at a wildlife rescue center in Thailand, and more);

  • Spent 15 years launching multiple small businesses, from solopreneur ventures to larger ones, like co-founding Charlotte's first 100% plant-based prepared food delivery service;

  • Helped transform global organizations and their leaders while working for a boutique consulting firm

  • Loved my beloved brother through a 3-year journey with terminal lung cancer and found my way back to life again after he and my mom passed on the very same day; and...

  • Continued listening for what Life is calling me to next.


Through it all, I've thrived, lost my mojo, made changes to restore it only to deplete myself while trying to be of profound service to others, found my way back to myself again (and again), and all throughout, have studied this human condition, exploring what it takes to contribute powerfully and thrive at the same time.

And then...2020 happened. And in this era of deeply-needed social awakening and increasingly urgent environmental crisis, I started to wonder, “Who must be doing the critical work of taking full responsibility for their vitality, so they are lit up by their lives and are firing on all cylinders when they bring themselves to their vital work?

The answer is YOU, World Changer. You've said "yes" to the tall order of transforming how business gets done so Life...human and planetary...thrives on all levels far into the future. NOW is the time. And New Atlas Coaching is here to amplify your impact by supporting your fulfillment and leadership as you go.


Ready to connect? Send a note via my Contact page, and I'll be back in touch within 24 - 48 business hours. Thank you for all you are doing; I look forward to talking soon. 

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