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New Atlas Coaching

Our clients become the kind of leaders people remember for driving success on mission-critical, world-changing business objectives and for being present, caring, challenging and inspiring along the way.

About our Coaching

You've got a mission-driven soul and big responsibilities. Our coaching meets you right where you are.  And, around our block, we believe a couple key things about leadership:

  • First, your ability to lead in a generative, positive, sustainable way (in your organization, in your family and community, in the world) is in direct proportion to how well you are being responsible for your own thriving ecosystem. (Aka, you can't pour from a drained cup.)

  • Second, living and leading from your personal, deepest core values paves the path for steadiness in any circumstance. It also takes investigation and experimentation. Though sometimes challenging, this creates the conditions for true fulfillment and lasting impact.

  • Third, what got you (us) here won't get you (us) there. The urgency of our climate crisis and its intersecting issues are calling all of us up and out of who and how we've been so we can see and lead newly...quickly. Having people outside of us, to stretch and pull and challenge what we think is possible, is critical. That's exactly where your coach comes in.

How Our Individual* Coaching Works


  1. You'll complete an onboarding questionnaire prior to our first call, draft goals for our coaching work, and share any previous development work or assessments you'd like us to factor in.

  2. We'll meet initially for two hours, setting a strong foundation for our work, beginning a core values clarification process, and discerning early themes and insights.   

  3. We'll then meet 2 times each month for an hour (usually via Zoom) focusing on your goals, challenges, and growth.  You'll leave every conversation with co-created "homework" designed to move you forward.

  4. We'll actively check in with one another a time or two between sessions to track progress, help you over hurdles, celebrate wins, etc.

  5. We'll also keep our eye on your overall goals for our work, making any necessary adjustments as we go to stay aligned with your leadership, shifting strategies and conditions that may adjust your accountabilities, etc.

Our individual coaching packages start with a six-month commitment and may go longer if wanted/ needed to achieve your goals. Typically, here's how the process works:​

At the end of your initial six months, we'll see if it make sense to continue. At some point, we will complete our coaching relationship, and on you'll go, making a massive difference through your life and leadership.

* New Atlas also offers organizational coaching engagements. Reach out via our Contact page, and we'll schedule a time to talk about your larger needs.

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