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Let's Get Started

Exploratory Conversations with New Atlas are a no-pressure, no-gross-sales-pitch zone.  We're simply getting to know one another a bit, and in the process, we're listening and looking for two essential elements to a strong coaching partnership:  match and vibe. (Yes, your possible executive coach said "vibe." It's a thing!)

Here's what we'll explore in this complimentary conversation:  

  • What brings you to this call?  

  • How does coaching at New Atlas work?

  • How would we like to proceed from here?

All throughout, we're both not only listening for, "Is what your'e wanting a match for Laura's coaching?" but we'll also be feeling out, "Is our connection easy and clear? Is this someone I want to work with? Is the vibe between us a good one?" 

So that's it. It's a formula that's never let us down in 17+ years of coaching. And it won't let you down, either.


Ready to learn more? Schedule your Exploratory Conversation today!

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